Microsoft-Based ERP To Manage Logo & Embroidery On Apparel?

Written on June 29, 2017 by Caterina Lyng

Can a Microsoft ERP be used for managing apparel with logos and embroidery? The answer to that question is yes. At TRIMIT, we develop the Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based solution TRIMIT Fashion that makes it easy to manage all fashion business processes - from design to delivery.

In this blog post, we will have a look at how you can manage the addition of logos and embroidery to apparel and how it is made easy to make an order in TRIMIT Fashion.

Please note that the following is a simplified example of logo and embroidery placement in the Dynamics NAV part of our solution. We also have a visual configurator in the web-based part of TRIMIT Fashion. For an in-depth presentation, I recommend that you contact us for a free demo by one of our product specialists.

Managing The Details

In this example, we have a company that sells polo shirts. One of the company's customers wants to buy some polo shirts (see no 2130 in the screenshot), but they want them with a sewed TRIMIT logo. Since this happens on a regular basis, we have created a master (template) called 2180TR in the system.

Default polo shirt master and master with logo

If we open the BOM components lines for the master 2180TR, we see that the master 2130 polo shirt is a part of the BOM. We also have information about the logo and the thread.

Altered polo master with BOM included

In the screenshot, we can see that we have defined that the color of the logo depends on the color of the polo shirt. A white polo shirt will have a white logo, while a black polo shirt will have a black logo.

Logo color and shirt

For the thread used in this polo shirt, contrast colors are used. On the white polo shirt, we see black thread. For the black polo shirt, we see white thread.

Color of thread for polo

If we go back to the BOM lines, we can see that they also contain two operations: logo stitching and embroidery stitching. Because these (external vendor) operations come in different variants such as color, they have been setup as NINO items (making it easier to purchase them). NINO items will not have inventory postings.

Operations in the BOM - bill of materials

Sales Order

To order polo shirts with a sewed TRIMIT logo, we choose the master 2180TR. Here we can select the color, size, and enter a name. The extra cost of 1,25 for the name is automatically added (Adjustment Amount Sales).

Order a polo shirt with embroidery and logo

In this example, we order 4 black polo shirts in size XXL with the name John.

Ordering four polo shirts

When the related production order is created, we can see that the unit cost is automatically calculated and in this case it is lower than the standard unit cost of 7,50.

Recalculated unit cost for polo shirt

If we open the related production order, we can see lines with the raw materials we need for a basic polo shirt (black, XXL), a black TRIMIT logo and white thread. In column 1 and 2 we can see where the logo and name will be stitched.

Production order for polo shirt

More Information

For more information about our Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based solution for the fashion and apparel industry, please see the page TRIMIT Fashion.

If you have questions for use, you can contact us at [email protected], and you are always welcome to request a free demo by one of our product specialists.

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