Verification of publisher domain failed – Microsoft App Registration

Written on December 14, 2019 by Caterina Lyng

Error Getting JSON File

The expected 'Content-Type' header that should be returned is "application/json". You may get an error as mentioned below if you use anything else like "application/json; charset=utf-8".

"Verification of publisher domain failed. Error getting JSON file from The server returned an unexpected content type header value."

where to see header output in dev tools

Example of header type seen in dev tools

How it was Provoked

On registeredApps/ApplicationsListBlade, go to manage branding. Click the link "Configure a domain". You can either:

  • Create a file named microsoft-identity-association.json with the provided content
  • Download the provided file and upload it to your site
Register publisher domain for Microsoft app

On "Verify and save domain", an error will be thrown if the content type header is not just JSON.

error getting JSON file

Apparently, this is an error Microsoft is working on fixing:

Microsoft working on a fix for JSON error

MS Sources

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